FailED App

Manage your failures easily in visualized approach. See the past frustrations and oversee the future.


Save Failures

Help you remember all failures in your life. Never repeat them again.


Visualize failures in charts. You will see more clear your fails.

Passcode Lock

Keep your failures private by adding a password.

iCloud Backup

Auto-backup by iCloud integration. Your data is always owned by you, not us.

Data Encryption

Data protected by using encryption strategy. Your failures is always safe.

Coming Features

We're still working hard to bring new cool features to you. It's awesome, huh!?

Our Story

life with failures

You may not need to believe, but one of us, was born to make all targets be failed. He was a 9-year-old loser and still a loser now. The first failure in his life when he cannot pass an examination in elementary school. By time over, he was failed in a Mathematics Contest for secondary student, then in some research projects which may be his breakthrough at college. When he got work, he is continuously failed. His boss had to claim on him, and finally, he was put out of work. That's it, his life. In a while, he tried to simulate his failures and attempted to figure out why he failed many times in life. Surprisingly, he was aware of that many failures were from one or two reasons. Some from his mind set, others from his characteristic. When he takes note on a white paper, he can easily see what happened in his life, but sometimes without pen and paper, he forgets them. That's what inspired him to create this app. As the highest of his desire, everyone can manage their failures in a simple, visualized and efforless way. Also, he keeps in mind that, this app - FailED - may be the next failure in his life.


  • I was surprised when FailED show me that many failures were occured two times at least in my life. With FailED, I can control my weakness and avoid those kinds of fouls.

    Diana Young - Staff Office at F2F

  • It's really a cool app. FailED helps me manage my failures and now I believe that those failures will never happen again.

    Martin Garay - Freelancer Software Developer

  • This app is what I have always wanted, from now on I can track my failures and recognize what I need to improve to be more successful in life. Appreciate the idea, 5 stars!

    Linh L. - Software Engineer at Kayac Inc.